Ultrasonic Cleanings

Maintain the smile you love!

ultrasonic cleaningGum disease is a silent disease that if not prevented, detected, or treated early in its progression, can cause devastating and irreversible effects to one’s dental and overal systemic health. Commonly, scaling and root planing are the preferred treatment. Scaling refers to removing hardened plaque at the gum line, and root planing reduces rough areas on teeth roots where plaque tends to build up. The procedure can be uncomfortable.

Because we value your comfort, Dr. Galligan has invested in ultrasonic dental technology that uses sound waves for preventative cleanings and scaling and root planing. You won’t have to endure the scraping you may have experienced in the past. With ultrasonic cleaning, we will remove more dental tartar and provide a more comfortable experience.

Our ultrasonic scaler vibrates and emits sound waves that gently force tartar (calculus, or hardened plaque) from teeth. The scaler uses water to wash away the debris and keep the instrument cool. With ultrasonic technology, we’ll reduce your potential for developing gum disease or help you recover from mild periodontal disease. It’s fast, safe, and effective.